About Me

Hi I’m Catherine and I am so happy you stopped by! I’m Mummy to my beautiful daughters Susanna & Connie and wife to my teenage sweetheart, Mark. Before I earned my title as Mama I worked in a local college, firstly in Human Resources and then in Business Development. It was always my dream to stay at home when we started a family and so we worked hard to make that happen, it is a privilege and one I do not take for granted.

We live in our forever home, Foxborough. It was my husband’s dream to live by the river (keen wake boarder/boat enthusiast) and mine was to live in the countryside. We found our perfect piece of land and started the exciting journey of building the dream in March 2015. We moved in to Foxborough in November 2015 with our little three week old bundle of joy. We don’t believe in doing things by halves…either that or we are just a bit crazy. I absolutely love our little piece of this beautiful country and adore seeing the girls and our Beagle out exploring the garden, it really is our dream come true.

I am passionate about Motherhood and the roller coaster that it is, I believe parenting is the biggest, most life changing, amazing thing that has happened to us. I adore the world of Instagram and Blogging for providing me with a network of mummies and friends to rely on in the wee small hours of the morning. You are the most supportive, lovely bunch of people. Travelling has always been a passion of mine, I caught the bug aged 18 and it hasn’t left me since. Probably my favourite thing to do as a family is travel, whether near or far, it’s about getting time to unwind and enjoy each others company away from the everyday demands of normal life. My other passion is wellness, and in particular, cultivating healthy minds. I have suffered with anxiety and depression on and off for most of my adult life. During a battle with post natal depression I discovered Essential Oils and they are now our secret weapon as a family. I adore helping other families begin and journey that wellness path too.

I love photography, rugged coast lines, interiors magazines and bright colours. My Faith is my backbone. I am happiest when I am with my little family, watching sports and munching on popcorn. I am a firm believer that today’s very ordinary moments are tomorrow’s beautiful memories and so this is my journey in making memories.