A Birthday Letter to Connie

Oh Connie, our brown eyed girl, you are two! I expected myself to write that life has gone by so quickly, and while that is true, the real story is that I can’t believe you are only two.  I struggle to remember a time when you weren’t here bringing us joy and laughter, being Susanna’s best friend and my little snuggle bunny. What I don’t have any trouble remembering is the moment you entered our lives; I still feel the weight and warmth of you when you were placed on my chest, just seconds old. I still feel that absolute elation and outpouring of love when I first kissed your beautiful face, I feel it every time I look at you. Connie you bring so much to our family.

You came into our lives at 4.05am on Wednesday 13th March 2019, in the midst of a hurricane and you have been our little whirlwind ever since. You slotted into family life like an absolute dream, the newborn hazy days are up there with my happiest memories, especially watching your sister fall in love with you. If I could bottle up those feelings of pure magic I know they would be in high demand. Over the next few months you just blew us away with how keen you were to catch up with Susanna, you did everything so quickly and by 11 months you were running, climbing and had earned your nickname as Hurricane Connie.

We have fallen head over heels in love with your little personality; you make us laugh so much, things are never dull with you around that’s for sure. Your Daddy jokes that you are a carbon copy of Mummy and I can’t deny it’s true. You are always so happy, unless you get woken up prematurely and in that case the grumpiness is intense. You have a fiery little temper, getting super cross and making it known and then being completely over it, all within the space of about 30 seconds. Grumpy when tired, quick temper, I’m sorry girl, you got it from your mama. You are also very quick to say sorry, to give hugs and to flash that beautiful toothy smile again. You are so loving and so kind, always happy to share and so eager to help. Your favourite thing is getting stuck into the jobs that mummy and daddy do at home and the best bit is you are actually a really good helper. Feeding the chickens and watering the plants is your job every morning. Getting your welly boots on and getting outside is your love language. There’s definitely a tomboy streak in you that I completely adore. There are so many similarities between you and Susanna which is wonderful to see, but there are some really big differences and that is where you two complement each other so nicely.

The relationship you have with your big sister is utter joy to witness. I always find you cuddled up together on the sofa during quiet time and holding hands on walks. Susanna smothers you in kisses and you just lap it up. We love eavesdropping on your play together, it is hilarious and so heart-warming to hear you both wrapped up in a game of make believe. Susanna does have a tendency to micromanage your play though, as all big sisters do, and so when she is at school you love nothing more than getting the playroom to yourself. You are wonderful at playing on your own and doing things independently and now that you know your own strength we have much less broken ornaments and toys! You are a real mummy’s girl and of course Daddy is your main man but the other person who has completely stolen your heart is Grandad or “Gubda” as you call him. There is so much excitement when you know you are going to Nannies house because as much as you adore your Nannie, your actual twin, you have such a special love for Grandad. There is not a day goes by that you don’t mention him or ask to go see him.

Most of your life has been spent in lockdown. A global pandemic hit just after your first birthday and everything changed. Sure we have missed out on lots; you would love soft play, tots groups and making your own friends I have no doubt, we have never had the opportunity to do those things together. The things we gained have been so much greater though. We have had so much family time, a much needed slower pace of life and endless days at home, where we are all happiest. While part of me worries that you may struggle with social situations when the world opens up again, I feel more confident that you will take it all in your stride, the way you do with everything! I am so grateful that God gave us you before we all had to stay home. It would have been so different without you, for all of us. Thank you for the sunshine that you and Susanna have brought in these strange times. What a gift you are.

Connie, of all the things I adore about you, I think your little chatterbox ways are my favourite. You are a great communicator, patiently trying words until mummy recognises what they are, more often than not Susanna gets there first and interprets for us grown-ups. Our personal favourites are “oh woooow” when we tell you something exciting, “GUCK!” followed by a huge plate shove when you dislike the food we have lovingly prepared and sat before you and “peeease my Daddy” when something is a no. The hardest part of all is resisting those beautiful big eyes and long lashes, you know exactly how to use them already, and watch out world is all I can say! You call Susanna “Aya” which has replaced her actual name in our house, you would eat “choco” all day every day if we let you (another trait you’ve got from your mummy) and “awbeees” (strawberries) are life! You are quick to say “oreee” when you’ve done something wrong and everything is either a rambunctious “okaaay” or a teenager type “awwww” depending on the response to your request. I adore the ways your hands cover your mouth when you are upset, it’s all very dramatic and very cute. You have a deep voice and in comparisons to Susanna’s high pitch it really is comical. As for your singing, there is nothing that makes us laugh more, it is completely and utterly adorable and always ultra-enthusiastic!

Connie, our joy bringer, our wild child, our sweet girl. I will never have enough words for what you have brought to our family. I will never be able to tell you what a blessing you have been, how you healed mummy’s heart, one smile and neck squeeze at a time. You won’t remember how you lovingly rubbed mummy’s sore head, or kissed daddy’s cheek, or how you ran to Susanna the moment you realised she was upset and gently held her hand. You won’t remember how we belly laughed when you danced or did your funny little hop around the kitchen. You won’t remember how you needed cuddled in close to fall asleep or how you got so excited to see Maisie every morning. You won’t remember how you kept up with your sister or how obsessed you were with Peppa Pig and Frozen. You won’t remember what you were like at this stage, but we will. We will remember it all because moments like these are forever. You are such a gift Connie Jean, I thank God every day for you.

I pray that you grow up to be confident both in faith and in the person God created you to be. I know He has big plans for you, just two years in it is so clear that God has equipped you for a life of bold and courageous faith. I pray that you always know that you can rely on us to help you along the way, never fearful and always brave! I pray that God blesses you greatly sweet girl and that you would be a blessing to others. Have courage and be kind my little darling. We absolutely adore you.

“The Lord bless you
And keep you
Make His face shine upon you
And be gracious to you
The Lord turn His
Face toward you
And give you peace”

All our love, Mummy & Daddy

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