A Letter to Connie on your First Birthday

To Our Brown Eyed Girl

Sweet Connie, you are one. It feels like just yesterday I was timing what I thought may be contractions, excited that you may be making your arrival. Of course, you kept us waiting eleven days, just like your sister. I can tell you for certain, every single second was worth the wait. You came into this world like a whirlwind and that is very fitting to who you are.

As a new-born you were an absolute dream; perfectly content and happy. You loved to be snuggled in close but you equally enjoyed your own space and just watching life unfold around you. From day one you were captivated by your sister and she by you. It’s a bond that people told me about but I never quite got it until I saw you two together. As the weeks and months have gone by we have been in awe of the little person you are becoming. You are such joy. We often joke that you must have been here before because you are so very capable. In truth, we know you are just desperate to keep up with Susanna. You smiled at five days old (health visitor confirmed), you giggled at 11 weeks, sat up at five months, crawled at seven months and walked at 11 months. I wasn’t ready for things to move so quickly but you are a determined little thing and there is no holding you back.

We have loved watching your personality develop; the signs of the feisty little sweetheart that you have become were there from those first days. It made us laugh how your cry went from zero to a hundred in just a few seconds. You didn’t cry often but when you did it left our ears ringing. You haven’t changed one bit, you go from super happy to oh so mad in a very short space of time. Your temper certainly matches your hair and honestly, you got it from your mama. It’s very comical, even for Susanna who is often at the receiving end of a moments rage. You have started pulling her hair if you are cross but she always remains gentle and kind. I suggested that you were her “naughty little sister” and she quickly jumped to your defence, “no no, you are still my Tonnie Dirl”. That’s an unconditional love that I pray lasts into your teenage years because I have a feeling Susanna is going to have to practice a lot of grace with you, little mischief maker.

Connie Jean, you are the light of our lives. I often worried about my own capacity to love another as much as I love your sister. The moment they placed you into my arms all that worry disappeared. My heart grew tenfold and suddenly I was besotted by another beautiful little girl. You have made such a huge impact on our lives in a very short space of time. The joy you carry is so overwhelming that it spills into every room, every situation, every heart. People cannot help but smile when they see you and it’s not just because of your cheeky little grin or your huge brown eyes. It’s a gift that God has so clearly given you and already He is using you to bring light and life and laughter. May you never grow tired of being the joy bringer that you are.

You have made me a better person and a better mummy. Along with your arrival into this world came a new found confidence in my ability to carry out the role that I have been blessed with. I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life, that’s all down to you and your sister. I never feel more at ease than when I am with you both and when you wrap your little arms around my neck, which you do several times a day, I feel the rest of the world melt away. You are a wonderful gift.

There is something so unique and utterly magical about you. You have the ability to make every situation brighter. Many of my friends comment on how you are the “dream baby” but not just because you are easy but because you are wonderful to be around. You are certainly full of mischief but your charm and adorable giggle are infectious. You are easy going and so very happy, constantly smiling, dancing and giving kisses and always on the lookout for your next adventure. It’s your curious and inquisitive nature that have earned you a reputation for breaking pretty things but you are such a sweetheart that all is forgiven very quickly. I am constantly in awe of you.

It is my absolute honour to be there with you every step of the way as you grow, I hope and pray that I will be always be there with you as you mature into the wonderful woman I know you will become. I want you to keep a few things in mind; always know that you are capable of anything, no matter how difficult, set your mind on your goals and your eyes on Him. I believe in you, please believe in yourself. Accept others who are different from you, learn from them and never judge. Always call your grandparents; tell them you love them and be there for your family. I pray that you are always humble, courageous and kind. Stand strong in your beliefs and know it’s ok to question things, I promise I will always try to answer your questions and not make you feel judged or ignored. Remember, money cannot buy happiness. Always make time to laugh and have fun and never shy away from spreading the joy that you carry. Be compassionate, loyal and understand your worth, you are the daughter of a King.

I will do my best to parent you and your sister with grace. I may mess up from time to time, but know that my intentions are always to love and protect you and to raise you well. You two are my greatest accomplishment; my greatest gift and Daddy and I love you more than words can ever say. Sweet Connie, thank you for being you.

To the moon and back,

Mummy xx

“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.He will take great delight in you;He will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

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