A Birthday Letter to Susanna // Four Years of You

To our precious big girl,

Four! How can that be? I feel like just a second ago we were (im)patiently waiting your arrival with absolutely no clue about what it would be like to be parents but full of hopes and dreams for the journey ahead. It sounds like a cliché but I honestly feel like I have blinked and suddenly you are four. I can tell you one thing, it has been the most wonderful four years of my life, you are utterly incredible.

I’m sat on the same sofa, in the same living room, with the same fire roaring as I did twelve months ago when I wrote your birthday letter but there is one big difference. Last year I was pregnant with your baby sister and now she is snuggled up in bed just like you. It’s been a huge year for you and you have taken every single part of it in your stride. Becoming a big sister has been such a natural transition for you, my gentle and caring little soul. You are nothing short of amazing with your sister and such a brilliant helper to us. Connie is completely besotted with you; you get the best giggles, the biggest smiles and the sloppiest kisses from your “Tonnie Girl” and it is just pure joy watching you two together.

Life is vibrant and fun and just so exciting with you in it, you see the wonder in everything and it is bloomin’ contagious. You are the best wee chatterbox; you keep us well entertained with your turn of phrase and general take on life. I’ve started writing some things down but there would be enough to fill several books if I wrote everything. Mostly it’s little phrases you’ve heard grown ups saying; the hilarious part is that you apply them perfectly. My personal favourite is when you ran upstairs, snuggled up next to a fussing Connie while she was getting her nappy changed and said “calm your baps Connie” or the many times you have muttered “you’re stressing me out”. You are such a character Susanna Grace.

I adore watching your personality develop and shine more and more with each passing year. We always knew you were a little firecracker but it’s becoming more evident every day. You love making people laugh, you have us in hysterics at some point every day. You are strong-willed which sometimes I find tricky because hey, your mama is pretty strong-willed too. Our biggest issue, you and me, is how much we disagree on what constitutes an appropriate outfit. It’s pretty funny really because I know I butted heads with your Nana over this issue many times too so I guess it’s my payback. You would wear a glitzy dress and your fanciest shoes every day while I’m more of a jeans and high tops kinda girl and so over the past few months we have had to learn the art of compromise. I tell you something sweet girl, you are teaching me as much as I am teaching you, if not more. Being your Mummy is such a privilege and such a learning curve. Daddy reminded me the other day that we don’t need to resist your strong will, we need to harness it (he’s so wise) and so I promise that I will try my very best. No doubt we will be apologising to each other many times over the years but let’s see that as a wonderful opportunity to walk in and pour out grace?!

Today we had our first parent-teacher interview at your preschool; I was so excited to hear someone else’s take on you. I had no doubt that we would hear good things but even we were surprised at just how well you are doing. Your language and number skills are great, you enjoy and do well in the various processes each day and you are eager to please. Above all those things though, what really made my heart burst was hearing that you are kind and helpful to your classmates. You have always had a heart full of compassion and it has made me so very happy to hear that it shines through for others to see too. We also heard that you are really good at art (you get that from your daddy) and that you are a lovely singer (I wrote about your beautiful voice in my letter last year)! We love your sweet voice but I am so proud that you have been brave enough to sing in front of your class. Your confidence is just incredible.

In a year where so much has changed, a few things remain the same. You still adore babies, playing house, using your imagination and packing bags for everything you ever do (ok that last one drives me a little bit crazy I will admit). You are so sociable; you love your friends and are completely besotted by your family. I love watching you interact with your wee buddies, it’s unbelievably cute. You bounce into preschool and count down the days every single week to Ballet. You are still so very affectionate, snapping up every opportunity for a cuddle and always wanting to hold hands. I love how excited you get by life and how much effort you put in to making occasions special for others too. Before you were born we prayed that you would be compassionate, loving, brave and joyful and God has shaped you so wonderfully into a little girl who is bursting at the seams with each of these characteristics. We are incredibly proud and so thankful that we get to be your mummy and daddy.

Last year I wrote that your biggest dream is to become a Mummy. I would have said that hasn’t changed but you announced just a few weeks ago that you now want to be a Motorcycle Racer….what?! Sometimes you are unpredictable and I just love that, you have such a dynamic personality.

One of our sweetest times now is bed time, when everything is calm and cosy and we spend some time reading stories and chatting about your day. We always finish with prayers and you blow me away daily with your wisdom and love for Jesus. For someone so small you have a wonderful grasp on the Fathers love and you are so in tune with His voice. I pray that you continue to press into everything God has in store for you. That you will grow in faith and also in eagerness to know Him better. I pray that your curiosity leads you into deeper relationship with Christ and that you would be bold and strong in your faith. Leadership was spoken over you on your dedication day and we continue to see glimpses of what that could mean for your future, you certainly are showing signs of being a compassionate, loving and compelling leader already. Have courage and be kind my sweet girl.

These days are filled with play, make believe, life lessons and so much love. You pour out even more than you receive and that truly is the greatest blessing. It is an honour to be your mummy, I will never understand how I deserve the privilege but I will spend every single day doing my job as best as I can. You made me a mummy; you were my first taste of unconditional love, my first precious gift. You have taught me so much in just four years, I am your first role model and your first teacher and I pray every day that God will strengthen me in that role because you, my sweet girl, deserve the very best. Daddy and I are incredibly proud of you. Your smile, which literally lights up a room, your beautiful face, your sparkling eyes and fiery hair; every inch of you is perfect and everything you do is golden. We love you so so much, to the moon and back sweetheart. Thank you for being everything we ever needed and so much more.

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. — 1 Peter 2:9

With all our love,

Mummy & Daddy


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