Sailing Through Second

I heard somebody saying that the second trimester is like the honeymoon period of pregnancy and I think that’s pretty accurate. Even though my nausea lingered on at the beginning of the trimester, there was a definite and noticeable shift in how I felt. Suddenly my energy levels picked up, a neat bump appeared, I was sleeping well and life felt pretty normal again. It’s a blissful few weeks where you feel and look pregnant but don’t have that heavy feeling and all the aches and pains that the final trimester brings. I remembered how much I enjoyed this middle part first time round so I made sure to plan my schedule and work accordingly. There is also a wonderful freedom in the fact that most people now know that you have a baby on board. As much as I adore it being our little secret for the first few weeks, it’s so lovely to be able to chat freely with friends and family about this exciting little adventure. So yes, the second trimester feels much like a honeymoon period and who doesn’t love that phase.

Life in General

I would say that life feels pretty normal during the second trimester and so I very purposefully planned my work related events and other occasions to fit into these few weeks. I co-hosted a Winter Market, bopped around in the crowd at concerts, went along to a wedding show, tried on bridesmaid dresses and kept up with my usual gym and fitness routine. I also started to declutter and sort out our house and while there is still a lot to do I did manage to accomplish a pretty effective overhaul on clothing, books, toys and other random bits that were making every drawer and cupboard feel cluttered. We went on a family trip to Disneyland Paris which, as you can imagine, racked up a lot of steps each day but I felt great and I was so glad that we booked it before I reached the third trimester.

Body Matters

Aside from the fact that I had a noticeable bump, my body didn’t change all that much during the second trimester. Weight gain was slow and manageable, I have no doubt this is thanks to my fitness routine, and I still didn’t need to ditch my regular jeans, until the final two weeks anyway! I loved looking pregnant whilst also just feeling like myself. Little kicks were becoming more noticeable and I adored how those little flutters that only I could feel gradually turned into belly shaking movements that made Susanna’s face light up as she rubbed my bump, it’s such a special time. My V-Shaped pillow emerged and became my ‘must have’ item as I got used to sleeping on my side and not my stomach again.

I would say that the only real area that felt a little ‘off’ was my mood and in particular, how flipping emotional I was. I cried at the drop of the hat but also lost my temper much quicker than usual. I was pretty grumpy if things went wrong and would definitely link these times closely with the usual PMS symptoms that roll around each month. I found that my tolerance for people was pretty limited and had to apologise for being sharp on more than a few occasions. Thankfully, we can always fall back on the old hormones and people are generally accommodating to that fact. My poor husband took the brunt of the mood swings alongside one unsuspecting shop assistant who (completely fairly) wouldn’t accept my out of date receipt (I did buy her chocolates to apologise).

Cravings, Check-ups and Check Lists

So cravings wise I have been let of pretty lightly. Exactly like my first pregnancy I started to crave crushed ice, by the gallon! Unlike my first pregnancy I had no desire to eat washing powder (true story, I walked around with a tub which I sniffed and contemplated nibbling 24/7). My cravings for ice ramped up on the daily and thankfully replaced any inkling for chocolate, crisps or other sugary snacks that would usually haunt me in the evenings!

As far as check-ups go, I feel like I didn’t see my midwife an awful lot and any appointments were always uneventful. I did get my flu vaccine and whooping cough vaccine during the second trimester. I was particularly grateful for the flu jab when my hubby was struck down with a horrendous flu towards the end of November, Susanna and I fully escaped it but boy did he suffer.

Preparation-wise, we’ve been ridiculously relaxed as weeks passed by in the blink of an eye. We bought an outfit on the day of our 12 week scan and another on the day of our 20 week scan. Susanna has chosen a teddy for baby and aside from that there have been zero purchases made during this trimester. We have all the big buys from our first baby and so all I really need to do is stock up on vests and baby grows, nappies and all the hospital bag essentials. I am treating myself to a new changing bag though; our last one has gaping holes and really needs to be binned now that I think about it.

So I think that about covers it for a whistle stop tour of the second trimester. It really is a fairly blissful time during pregnancy and a period where you will feel most like yourself. Of course, this isn’t the same for everyone but I can only speak from my own experience. As I write this I am nearing the end of pregnancy all together and I can categorically tell you that the third trimester is far from easy so soak up this middle stage, plan a lot of fun things and get all the busyness out of the way if you can. A need for rest is right around the corner, be prepared.


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