A Week in Outfits {the pregnancy edit}

I did laugh when my lovely friend Laura asked me to join in a week of outfits alongside some other local mummies. I am currently three weeks away from giving birth so my wardrobe is hugely limited and very “comfort” heavy! Laura explained, however, that she wanted an authentic mixture of real life style, representing various stages of motherhood. I threw my hands up and said ‘sure, why not?’ and then later realised I probably had two, maybe three outfits on rotation and I had to fill seven slots with outfits, this could be interesting!

Describe your style

While I do love and appreciate fashion, I am definitely not a fashionista. Once upon a time I was a huge shopaholic and when I made a conscious decision to be more sensible when it came to spending I realised that I had a wardrobe full of ‘on trend’ clothes that I had barely touched, some even still had labels attached. Fast forward almost a decade and my shopping habits are completely different. My ultimate goal is to have a capsule wardrobe but I haven’t quite made it there just yet. My style is most accurately described as casual. I love to feel good in clothes and being comfortable is a huge part of that for me. I also spend most of my day running around after my toddler so clothes have to be practical.

What are your most common ‘go to’ outfits in your wardrobe?

I suppose it really changes with the seasons. I love the ease of a floaty dress summer and the warmth of woolly knits as winter rolls around. In pregnancy, jeans are my go to and I usually pair them with ankle boots or my trusty vans and a cosy jumper of some description. During my last pregnancy I was heavily pregnant in summer and I found it so much harder to dress my bump, whereas, in winter I find that I have been able to dress in a way that I still feel like me. For a night out I am loving my wet look maternity leggings with a dipped hem blouse or longer jumper and a nice little pair of ankle boots or a midi dress with my old faithful leather jacket always makes me feel a bit more glam. Sadly I find leggings hard to wear; they make me feel frumpy, unless they are for a workout so as much as I would love to live in this comfy maternity staple I just have to stick to jeans!

What are your favourite clothing shops?

I am a huge fan of affordable clothing and I really do begrudge putting substantial amounts of money into clothes, so for me it’s all about the high street. Designer labels do absolutely nothing for me, in fact, I love finding a replica in Primark and feeling all smug about how much I saved. My ‘splash out’ store would be Topshop and I generally buy all my jeans from here. I love their ankle grazers and the fact that they always hold their shape. For everything else I have a few favourites, H&M would be top of the list, closely followed by New Look and Primark. I’m also not ashamed to say that I do quite enjoy browsing the clothing isles in Tesco & Asda; some of my most complimented outfits have been supermarket bought. I find ASOS a little hit and miss with sizing, although I do like it in general. My favourite shop if I was ignoring the price tag would be Zara; I just think they hit the nail on the head every single time!

Where do you find your style inspiration?

It used to be magazines but now I would say I’m mostly inspired by Instagram or even Pinterest. I love seeing clothes on real women of different shapes and sizes rather than the typical model type that would feature in glossy page shoots. In general, I just pick up pieces that I like but for events and special occasions I would seek out inspiration online. My style crush is definitely Holly Willoughby; I think her style is just always so effortlessly on point…I just need her figure to pull it off!

Do you have any fashion tips you could share?

I think just wear what makes you feel good. If you like to glam up then go for it but if you are more of a jeans and tee kinda girl then invest in a good pair of jeans and rock them. In terms of pregnancy style I have realised that maternity clothes generally don’t make me feel very good about myself. This time round I have bought a few pairs of maternity trousers and then shopped my usual haunts for everything else. All of my tops, jumpers, cardi’s, shirts, dresses etc are from the regular section of my favourite shops, just in much bigger sizes to accommodate my bump. By not limiting myself to maternity clothes I have felt so much better in this pregnancy, more me, less pregnant!

My Week of Outfits

MONDAY: shirt H&M, Tshirt Primark, Jeans Topshop Maternity

TUESDAY: Jumper Pimark, Jeans H&M, Sneaks Vans

Wednesday: Jumper New Look Maternity, Jeans Topshop Maternity, Boots Primark

THURSDAY: Coat Topshop, Jumper Primark, Jeans H&M Maternity, Sneaks Primark

FRIDAY: Cardi unknown, Top Primark, Jeans H&M Maternity, Boots M&S

SATURDAY: Top Primark, Jeans H&M Maternity, Boots New Look

SUNDAY: Top Primark, Jeans H&M Maternity, Boots M&S

So, as expected, I did run out of outfits towards the end of the week and sadly my week was very jeans heavy. I would have liked to show you a couple of dressier combos but my week was spent doing housework and sheltering from some pretty rough winter weather so it really was all about the practical clothes. I maybe will do a quick post on ‘going out’ pregnancy style at some stage but I’ll not make any promises.

It was actually nice to stop and take a picture each day, mostly as a way to remember my third trimester bump and it did make me be a little more creative in choosing outfits towards the end of the week. I’m not convinced you will have picked up much, if any, inspo over here so why not check out the way more stylish lot that I joined in this project with; no doubt you will get your fill of fashion inspo over there –








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