A Birthday Letter to Susanna

To our beautiful Susanna,

Here we are, celebrating three years of utter joy thanks to you, our precious little smiler. The past twelve months have been a whirlwind of change and you have taken every single bit of it in your stride. As I wrote your birthday letter last year, you were barely talking, and now we laugh about how much of a chatterbox you are. There is never, ever a dull moment when you are around, that’s for sure.


You have a truly wonderful personality; nobody else can light up a room like you can. Just lately you have fallen head over heels in love with Disney and it was our absolute pleasure to take you to Disneyland Paris last week. Watching you taking it all in made my heart burst, I will never forget your little face as you watched the parades go by or your gentle cuddles with Ariel and Cinderella. I must confess, I shed more than a few tears as I was swept away in the magic you created and it makes me so happy to hear you pottering about the house singing “it’s a small world”, we know that you may not always remember that trip but we want you to know that you made it so magical for us and as a family, we had the best time. As I write this I’m both crying and giggling at the memories; you weren’t so fussed on the Pinocchio or Ratatouille rides and all we heard, over the top of our own enthusiasm, was a very determined little voice, “I.WANT.GO.HOME” with clenched fists and an oh so serious face. You made us belly laugh that whole trip. We had an evening that I doubt I will ever forget. It was raining so we decided to skip the fireworks and head for dinner at Rainforest Café. Well, we roared from start to finish, you had us doubled over with laughter, both at your involuntary reaction to the thunderstorms and also at every attempt you made to make us laugh…I don’t know how someone so little can be so comical, but you are!

So much has changed this year, and friends tell us that it just gets crazier from here on in! A few things have remained the same however; you still adore babies, you are crazy about your family, you love your friends and you are still incredibly affectionate. I hope these things never change, but if they do, I have no doubt that you will hold on to your loving, servant heart regardless. You are a pre-schooler now and you have settled in so well. You jump for joy on pre-school days and I am so grateful for how easy you have made this transition for your soppy old Mummy. Last week, your new friend Bobby picked you a flower from his garden and brought it as a present for you…Daddy is keeping a close eye on that situation; stealing hearts already, well, we knew it wouldn’t take long.

You also found out your biggest wish is coming true, you are going to be a big sister. So many people told us you were too young to “get it”, but they couldn’t have been more wrong about that. From the moment we told you the news you adopted your role as ‘big sister’ and wore it with pride. Every morning starts with a kiss to ‘baby’ and some sort of chat about what you have planned for the day. This little bump is so loved and so blessed to have you as their big sister. When I found out you were a girl I was shocked, not because I didn’t want a girl, but because I was so sure I was having a boy. The shock soon turned to excitement but one thing kept niggling at me. As silly as it sounds, I worried about the responsibility we were handing to you, you would always be ‘the oldest’ and I wondered if that was fair. I tell you one thing, God has taught me so much through the adventure of you so far! His plan is always so much greater than ours and he knew exactly what he was doing when he blessed us with you as our first born. You, my darling girl, were born to be a big sister.

Alongside pre-school you have taken up Toddler Soccer, and yes I am biased, but man are you good! It is a joy to watch you and Sofia playing and practicing each week, you are two peas in a pod. It’s a very exciting week here too because the day after your birthday you are starting ballet. This is a moment you have been waiting for since you turned two, and I hope it makes you smile as much as your kitchen dancing makes us smile. Daddy and I melt daily over your little singing voice; it is my favourite thing in the whole world!

Of course, it isn’t all roses and I hope you grow up to know that some of life’s best lessons are learned through tears and mistakes. I am navigating this journey along with you and some days I really do mess up; my patience can wear thin and I may not be able to play all the games your little mind has in store but I pray and trust that every single night you go to bed feeling truly loved. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and that is an incredible trait, but it does mean that at times we have seen some pretty impressive tantrums, more than a few stand-offs and a whole lot of compromise. You have learned some important lessons this year too; bed time always comes too early, life isn’t always fair, and sharing can be a tough old gig (although you are pretty darn good at it now). You are still fiercely independent and it shows itself most prominently when we are choosing your outfit for the day and that sweet tooth, well what can I say, you got it from your Mama.

Last year I wrote that your biggest dream will most likely be to become a Mummy. I don’t think that has changed. You are showing signs of being so well equipped for motherhood already; you are compassionate, patient, loving and determined. I do see some arty skills coming through in you too though; your imagination is amazing, you are pretty good with a camera already and you dance like an absolute pro. I have no idea what you will want to be when you grow up, I just hope that you have so much fun on the journey! Some of our best conversations are in the car or while I’m drying your beautiful red hair. Bed time is the most precious hour of the day; we pray together, read stories and hold hands until you fall asleep. Your prayers are heartfelt for someone so small and you have such a wonderful sense of the Fathers love already.

Susanna Grace, you are an incredible blessing. Daddy and I still marvel at the fact that we get to be your parents. Thank you so deeply for all that you have brought to our lives and for every moment that lies ahead on this great rollercoaster of life. Know that you will always be so loved, to the moon and back, by us, but more importantly by your Heavenly Father. He knows you and loves you so much more than even Daddy and I. Every day he is revealing more of His character though you and I want you to know that He has got you in his hands, His design for your life is already a beautiful work of art; I am so excited to see more. I pray that you always know who and whose you are. Hold on to kindness, compassion and love.

“God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.” Psalm 46:5

We love you so much,

Mummy & Daddy xo

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