Tea With Me {life update}

Today it’s coffee with coconut milk and a delicious little slice of lemon drizzle cake. It’s been far too long, hasn’t it? Let’s perch ourselves at the breakfast bar. The windows are open, even though the sun is hidden behind some clouds today; it still feels like Spring, the bird song is loud!

It’s around midday, my little love is sleeping. We had a slow morning at home, playing, tidying, sorting and snacking on repeat. I love these days. I always try to keep a couple of mornings in the week free, where we don’t have to rush out to anything in particular. I know these precious years of having her at home all day, every day, are limited and I intend to make the most of them.

I’ll share with you over our hot mugs how I have struggled with writers block lately. About how I am finding it harder and harder to find the time to sit down and write.

Some days it can be frustrating.

Creative thoughts tend to pop up when my hands are full and I can’t really do anything with the ideas and words that are flowing in that moment. The juggle is real. How do you find that balance?

I think you’ll probably tell me that you struggle too. I know we all do and it’s nice to not feel like the only one who hasn’t got it all figured out. You would tell me to keep going, that there are words that need to be written. Even if there is only one person who needed to read them that’s one big reason to find the time and write them down.

Tea with friends always revives me, gives me a new lease of life and a renewed sense of courage. What do you need to get brave for? What’s on your heart?

I imagine we will chat about motherhood, as we always do. Sharing our highs and lows and everything in between. The mundane, the exciting and the downright weird!

I’ll tell you that I feel like I am in a lovely little honeymoon period of motherhood at the moment. Susanna is becoming more and more capable with each day that passes. Her personality is dazzling and her company is wonderful.

For the first time ever I was able to grab a coffee from Costa and sit in the sun watching her play in the park with absolutely zero assistance needed from me. It was blissful. At points in this journey so far, the idea of relaxing whilst being ‘on duty’ seemed like such a distant notion, so you better believe I enjoyed every single sip of that coffee in the sunshine. Mamas of newborns, teething tots and tiny toddlers, the day will come where you can relax while they entertain themselves, I promise you! Keep on keeping on.

There is much to catch up on, isn’t there? I have finally got my head in the game in terms of healthy eating and fitness. Saying no to things that won’t fuel me. Making time to work out regularly. Cooking delicious and exciting but super healthy meals. No more reaching for sugar laden snacks. No more picking at Susanna’s leftovers. I feel good! I only wish I had got to this place sooner.

Our next adventure is fast approaching. It’s a big year for us, we are both turning 30. I am sick to the very pit of my stomach at the thought, but let’s have that conversation another day. We booked a family holiday to Croatia to celebrate the milestone and we leave in just three weeks. I am giddy with excitement.

Before we leave though we are having a big backyard BBQ to celebrate that hubby of mine. He hits the big 30 six months before I do and I love that his birthday is in BBQ season. We couldn’t let the occasion pass without a shin dig. It will be fun. It will be laid back. It will be the perfect way to celebrate an incredible guy. Pray for sunshine for us! With roughly 30 adults and 10 kids coming; we need to be able to be outside.

Don’t let us down Northern Ireland.

I feel very content these days and it is such a lovely spot to be in. Are you there too? There is something so beautiful about slowing down the pace and reducing the expectation we so often put on ourselves. Maybe it’s the better weather, longer evenings and warmer temperatures, maybe it’s just a season of Grace but I have a spring in my step and a renewed sense of vigour these days. I appreciate it more than I ever have, it is so welcome.

My fox cub is stirring, our mugs are empty and only a few crumbs are left on our plates. My heart is full, you always do that to me.

Until next time,


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