Welcome To Foxborough {part two}

Last week I gave you a little tour of downstairs in our home, thank you so much for all your kind comments that followed. In case you missed it, you can catch up here. Today, I thought we could head upstairs for a quick tour. When it comes to the upstairs area of our home I guess you could say we have done very little since moving in. Our focus has been on creating a warm and welcoming but also hugely functional space downstairs and in many ways the bedrooms & bathroom served their purpose with very little effort. I would like to revisit these rooms though and give them a bit of a freshen up so I will chat about those plans as we go along.

Bright, Open Space

I declared my love for our stairs in my previous post so I won’t go into that again, except to say that the staircase splits into two as we near the top which is one of my favourite features of our home but also totally practical. Our double height window at the front of the house means that our landing is a U Shape with a balcony looking over the entrance hall. In terms of the layout we have two bedrooms on one side and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the opposite side, both with easy access from the stairs.

The wall at the top of the stairs stayed blank for a long time when we moved in. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do here and so we gave ourselves time to get used to the space before we made any decisions. Friends of ours bought us the most gorgeous print with the name of our house done in beautiful hand writing and when we received it we knew we wanted it to be a feature on this wall. I gathered up random frames from TK Maxx and BTS Concepts and we put together a gallery wall with some of our favourite family photos. I love that we can see this from outside too! The walls are still white but we do have a couple of rolls of wallpaper that we bought while the house was being built and I do plan to paper the recess walls at the back. I have held off on this though until I am totally sure…I hate doing a job and then regretting it. The landing is carpeted the same as the stairs and to the front we decided to go for a glass balustrade to optimise that view. It is easily one of the best decisions we made during the building process. The unobstructed views over those hills really is something else, especially first thing in the morning.

The Master Bedroom

So, if you head up the right hand side of our stairs you will come to our bedroom. We spent a lot of time pouring over the layout of this room. The plans originally had an en-suite and a very large floor space for the room with two windows facing out the back and a small window to the side. While we loved that the room would be huge, and my Pinterest boards quickly filled up with images of great big beds and his & hers arm chairs (can you tell I adore American homes) we just knew that the space wasn’t entirely practical. We altered the plans to reduce the side of our room and the room next door in order to fit his & hers walk in wardrobes, far more practical than arm chairs that would be used as a dumping ground no doubt! Our wardrobes aren’t that big but they each hold four rails for hanging clothes, a large storage space for shoes/bags/boxes etc and mine also has a trolley for all my cosmetics and basically anything else that makes the room look messy.

We kept the en-suite as per the plans but saw an opportunity when we added the office on downstairs. You see, the office space was directly below our bedroom and so we took out the two windows originally planned, added on some large French doors and made the roof of the office flat so that we could have our own little balcony. It is something that I am so delighted we did. The views over the forest are gorgeous but also, having the outdoor space just adds a whole new element to the upstairs of our home. We actually do make great use of the balcony too, cold nights call for blankets and hot chocolates by the fire pit while the summer evenings give us an opportunity to sip a nice glass of wine and take in the sunset over the river. Summer mornings are just bliss out here too. Al Fresco dining is, after all, one of my favourite things to do.

We positioned our bed to make the most of this view and sometimes we keep the blinds open at night so that we can soak it up when we wake. We do have the mechanics fitted for electric blinds so some day we will install those. Speaking of the bed, I was pregnant before we moved in and when we were furniture shopping my one demand for our room was that the bed was super luxurious. Our bed in our old home was not up to my heavily pregnant standards. Woodgreen Furniture found me the bed of dreams, it is like sleeping on a great big cloud and we bought our headboard separately from EBay of all places. The rest of the room is fairly simple. We have a tall dresser beside the doors and another shorter one by the en-suite (both are mine, oh the shame). I am regularly asked about our picture frame on the far side and this was actually something Mark made as a way to display polaroids we had printed for Susanna’s first birthday. I loved it so much that we moved it up here after the party. I think we will probably paint this room over the next year or so, although part of me also loves how bright it is and so maybe it will just be in a another shade of white.

The Nursery

Susanna’s room is right next door to ours and is the only room in the whole house that has seen a lick of paint since we moved in. I adore this room, in fact, I would probably say it is my favourite room in the house. Susanna was three weeks old when we moved in so we didn’t actually touch this space for the first five months, it was storage as far as I remember. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look though so as she neared the end of her stay in our room we began to gather furniture and bits of décor for the nursery. I wanted it to be bright and fun with a little bit of an adventure theme going on and definitely not too girly. We opted for mint green, grey and pastels for the colour scheme, although over time, this has been added to. Hubby painted the mountain peaks on the left hand side and everything else pretty much flowed from that. Her cotbed is from Asda but all the other furniture in here is from Ikea, including the armchair which I picked up for pennies in the bargain corner! The teepee was a first birthday present from a wonderful little instagram seller (@thetipi) and she absolutely loves it to this day. My younger sister made her some gorgeous decorations when she was born; the fox garland, bunting, cloud & stars mobile and the name print are all her handiwork. My older sister painted the beautiful picture hanging above her bed and my cousin crafted a gorgeous frame with her name meaning. I love that her room is filled with all these little personalised gifts made by family.

Most of the toys are hidden in these bags by the tepee and also in the baskets by her bed, keeping the floor space free and making the room feel less cluttered. The book shelves are super practical but also a really cute way to display her favourite books. We bought the long drawer set from Ikea and decided to double it up as a changing station, which we still use, honestly, I strongly recommend doing this! I have since found out that the pretty prints in our gallery wall are from some instagram sellers, I actually picked them up at a Christmas market. Except for one which was lovingly made by my Mum before Susanna was born. This room has gorgeous views and the light is stunning in the mornings. I often retreat up here for a while in the mornings with a mug of tea and just relax in the chair while Susanna plays around my feet. We have no plans to change this room.


Our bathroom is up there with my favourite rooms in the house. Originally, it was meant to be almost twice the size it is now but as you know by now, I do not like wasted space and so we reduced the size in order to allow us to add an en-suite to the guest bedroom. It’s another little thing that I am so glad we thought of. This bathroom is more than big enough for its purpose. So let’s start with the floor. These are the actual tiles of my dreams! We picked them out along with our downstairs flooring and opted to put them in all of our bathrooms (one downstairs, three upstairs) as well as around each shower, all credit to hubby for this stroke of genius. A large, freestanding curved bath was my only ‘must have’ for this room while hubby’s was a drench double size shower…we both got what we wanted. Our sink unit is in light beach wood and has two super practical drawers for all the necessities. I have plans to add some shelving in here but every time I go to do it I stop myself, I love that the space is bright and uncluttered and maybe it’s better off that way. Our guests always comment on the bathroom and the most frequently used word to describe it is probably ‘tranquil’ and I think that sums it up nicely, even with a multitude of bath toys.

Guest Rooms

We have two spare bedrooms but I am only sharing pictures of one and for very good reason; the other, smaller room, is currently labelled the ‘room of doom’ on account of the fact that it has boxes everywhere while we work on storage solutions in the attic. So, the back spare room is what you are seeing today and it is the largest of all four bedrooms. Our master bedroom would have been this size too had we not added the built in wardrobes. I already mentioned that we adjusted to plans to include an en-suite to this room. Aside from that we changed the windows to French doors and a Juliet Balcony to maximise the views. All of the furniture in here is from our bedroom in our previous house, all Ikea as you may have guessed. We decided to make use of the extra space in here and built these large wardrobes right along the left hand side. Other than that we haven’t done much to this room at all. We wanted to make it warm and welcoming to our guests and I think we have achieved that. I don’t really plan to do anything in here either as one day it will probably become Susanna’s room and until then it works nicely as it is.

Well, that’s our home tour done and I am just so grateful that you stopped by. I hope you enjoyed seeing around Foxborough. I promise to share more as we go along and I will definitely post our build story soon. Thank you for all you kind, encouraging comments and if you have any questions please do ask, I love to chat with you!


4 thoughts on “Welcome To Foxborough {part two}

  1. Love it ! My fave things in your house are the bedroom balconies, the central staircase and the unbelievable double height windows 😍. Enjoyed reading that !

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