Tea With Me

There is something about time spent with friends that makes you come away with full hearts and a head full of ideas! Remember how we used to hang out over mugs of tea or coffee and spill our thoughts? It’s been way too long hasn’t it? Christmas crept up on us, life got busy, our babies had colds or flu and we had longer ‘to do’ lists than we had time and so our little catch ups got pushed to the side but I am craving your chat and so I hope you will join me again?

Come on in, pull up a chair.

The kettle is on and so are the lights. I have not one but two candles flickering on the breakfast bar, trying my best to get cosy. It’s a chilly, grey, January day so let’s give each other a little dose of sunshine.

If you were to tea with me this week I may be a little bleary eyed. We seem to have the beginnings of a head cold in our house, scratchy throats and watery eyes that just make us feel sleepy all the time. I am feeling that January slump that always appears at some point during these four weeks after New Year.

It has been busy here, maybe you already know about the exciting little project I began at the start of the month? In fact, I am a little overwhelmed by the response. Can I chat to you about that for a while? I feel like you will understand.

It started with a book. One that had been sitting on my shelf for 13 months, untouched, unopened, unexplored. It’s so unlike me to leave a book on a shelf, I am usually the sort of person to dive straight in but this one was different and it’s only now that I know why. You see, God has a great old sense of humour.

Last year at our Womens Conference the incredible Lysa Terkeurst spoke to us and just blew me away with her passion and Faith. Her books were on the bookstall just outside the auditorium and I rushed out and picked up two, excited to get home and delve into the pages.

Something stopped me from doing so, until the middle of December, 13 months after excitedly sweeping them from the bookstall. It was God. He knew that up until that point I wasn’t ready for the home truths, the nudge of the spirit, the push to make a change.

Made To Crave has transformed my mind and my attitude. If you had told me a book (other than the Bible of course) could have that power I would have laughed in your face. I don’t get swayed by magazine articles, newspaper commentaries or self-help guides, I doubt I ever will. This was different. The words that Lysa wrote were exactly what I needed to read, every page a message just for me, each paragraph a nudge towards transformation.

It may, or may not, surprise you to know that I have always had a very negative body image. Body Dismorphia Disorder is a term that was suggested to me on a few occasions, I shrugged it off but in hindsight I see that it may have been partly true. I was very athlectic as a child and teenager and my figure matched but what I saw in the mirror did not. I saw overweight, I saw chunky, I saw pear when the world saw hourglass. I was on a continuous cycle of faddy diets and extreme exercise which always ended in guilt and disappointment that I still wasn’t a size 6 or 8 (gosh what I wouldn’t give to be that size 10 girl again)!

I digress, when I became pregnant I had horrendous nausea and so the foods that were forbidden were now my staple. Salty snacks, carbs, greasy pastries. Anything to keep the nausea at bay, especially at work. My weight rocketed, I felt horrible and it did take the edge off the excitement of pregnancy (just a little bit). I gained five stone, two of which are clinging on still.

As much as I have wanted to get fit and healthy I haven’t been able to align my heart and my mind. Until now, It’s a God thing. He stirred something in my heart as I read Lysa’s story and I put it out there, I asked a question and over 100 ladies responded. 100 ladies said yes and a new community of fitness and wellness was born on instagram.

It’s My Tribe has over 600 members right now, that blows my mind! I have been entrusted with personal and delicate stories as women give themselves a huge YES and have started a journey to fitness, health, wellbeing, self-care, you name it they have started it and it’s incredibly inspiring. I am expectant. I know God is doing something on social media. Isn’t He just breath-taking? The way he uses our latest trends to pour out grace and truth and revival and rejuvenation.

Goodness, I didn’t mean to go on so long but I am just incredibly excited, and as I said, a little overwhelmed. I don’t know where this community is going but I can’t wait to see what He does next. I have committed to finally finding my fitness again, I hope that in finding fitness I shed those last two stone! So I have been at the gym, I have pounded the pavements, I have replaced all the unhealthy junk with foods rich in nutrients. Unless it has a benefit to my body, it will not pass my lips (except on cheat day of course). I am learning to crave the spirit instead of food and gosh it is liberating!

Have you made new year resolutions?

How do you find time for yourself in the busyness of everyday life?

What is on your heart?

I have talked to much and not listened enough today, thank you for being my sounding board. Join me again soon, next time I will listen more, I promise.

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