Tea With Me {guest post}

At some point a couple of weeks ago on a coffee date with your usual host, my daughter Catherine I agreed to guest host Tea With Me. I think I was overly zealous having just finished a particularly strong cup of coffee that I feel certain was brewed from an intoxicating bean.

I have to admit though that I really enjoy a good old chat over coffee, so in spite of trying to wriggle out of it a little while later (I can’t lie) here I am. So come on in and grab a seat and a not so strong cup of coffee in our cosy space where life happens.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to cook and bake. My family love to get together and socialise over food. There’s just something special about enjoying food together that has been lovingly prepared.

I have many much loved, tried and tested recipes that I’ve used successfully over the years and many more that I made up as I went along simply chucking ingredients in that I thought would go well together and hoping for the best and perhaps surprisingly they have become family favourites. So I will serve you up some delicious home made buns with your fresh coffee today.

Just this week when my youngest daughter said she was craving my shortcrust pastry which, in her words, “just melts in the mouth”, I decided to make her an apple tart. Not using my own recipe but using one I impulsively googled that was very different to my own! I blame Great British Bake Off for causing me to feel the need to stretch myself further and break boundaries. Are you loving GBBO as much as I am? I was apprehensive about all the changes but I think it’s working well, how about you? Anyway, I digress, sadly the pastry turned out to be more suited to being kiln fired and varnished than being served with cream after dinner. I did bake her another one though this time sticking to what has worked so many times before and managed to preserve my dignity and my daughters respect for my pastry skills.

On a different note, don’t you just love Autumn and all its beautiful rich colours? There’s something so special about this time of year that makes you want to cosy up or get outside to walk and see all the changes taking place in the countryside. It felt strange not being able to go out and about at the start of last week due to Hurricane Ophelia, which by the way took down a very large beech tree in my friend’s garden and another right beside the entrance to my local garden centre that also happens to be my favourite coffee pit stop on my walks. There was nothing else for it than to stay safely tucked away at home until Barra Best gave the all clear! Did anyone else take this as a signal to cosy up and eat your bodyweight in snacks and drink coffee whilst watching Netflix? I hope your home came away from Ophelia without damage. 

By Wednesday I was desperate to get outside again for a good walk and some fresh air with my dog Bella, I think she was feeling the same judging by her reaction when she saw her lead. It did feel good to be out enjoying all this season has to offer. Bella just loved scurrying in and out through the fallen branches and crunchy leaves and running beside me when I stepped up the pace to work off some of those snacks. Where are you favourite spots to get out and take in some fresh air?

I love to reflect the seasons with decor on my dining table and with fresh flowers in my hall. Just before Catherine and her little family set off on their New England adventure she brought me a beautiful autumnal bouquet, she knows me well and we share a love of autumn colours, maybe she wanted to leave a little bit of the colours of a Boston fall here with me.

Anyway, all coffee dates must come to an end and I’ve got to decide what to make for tonight’s dinner, it needs to be something very warm, comforting and nutritious I think!  Do you find your menu changing at this time of year? We have some firm family favourites that are our Autumn staples. 

It’s been great joining you and sharing some of my moments. Have a fabulous week filled with all your favourites. X

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