Tea With Me

Pull up a chair at the breakfast bar. You sit that side, I’ll boil the kettle. We have some leftover Birthday cake to enjoy with tea today. It is so delicious.

Well my goodness storm Ophelia has arrived with gusto hasn’t she? We had grand plans to nip into town today to get US dollars and buy some final bits and pieces for our road trip. We were even going to have a mini coffee date while Susanna played at my Mums, so that we could plan the last minute details but we set all those plans aside as the weather warning was ramped up. I’m glad we did. Susanna is still in her pyjamas, they are a sweet present from my Auntie, and they match her rag doll that she hasn’t let out of her sight since Saturday. She is playing so happily with all her new toys, she really did so well as far as presents go, people know her so well.

If you were to tea with me this week you will find me a little bit dazed, it was a busy weekend and we are leaving very early tomorrow morning so I feel like I haven’t sat down in about a week! My washing machine is getting a real work out today and after this little tea break I will be back in to the pre-holiday deep clean that we like to do before every trip. Am I the only one that does this? I just love coming home to a spotless house, clean sheets, the works.

My heart relaxes at the thought of 10 whole days of exploring beautiful New England. The weather is set to be gorgeous with chilly mornings and evenings but warm sunny afternoons, perfect crisp Autumn weather. We have plans to visit pumpkin patches, Foxboro of course (to say hi to the Patriots) and maybe even the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory but aside from that we are just going to see where we end up. We haven’t booked any hotels in favour of using Hotel Tonight along the way. I love that it means we are not tied to being anywhere in particular.

How are you? What has been happening in your world? I’d ask you what books you are reading as I am almost finished my latest read. I usually go on the recommendations from others and they are mostly  spot on.

Do you celebrate Halloween? This is something we have been discussing a lot lately. I love the fun of dressing up, carving pumpkins and getting all sticky with toffee apples.

I’m not a person with massively strong convictions; I mostly sit on the fence and try to see both sides of the debate. In fact, you could probably win me over to your side in an argument in little time. I can see things from the point of view of many and don’t even get me started on my decisiveness, it is almost non-existent and so this topic has always been one that I have thought about but not really decided where I stand. As Susanna grows I am so aware of what I am pouring into her little spirit. I know it will only get more prominent in my mind as we are faced with screen time dilemmas, friendship choices and everything else that comes along and influences where she gets her values from.

She believes what I believe and maybe she will question it later, I hope she does, she will need to decide for herself someday. For now though, I like to keep our home feeling Autumnal and exciting and I like to see Halloween as a day to dress up and celebrate all that is Autumn without getting in to the scary side of it all.

So, if we were to have tea together today where would we be? What is on your heart?

How can we encourage and inspire each other, because that’s what happens when you tea with a friend, no?

I would love to join you! You can invite me, and others, by writing a blog post and adding it to the link below. Or, if you’re not a blogger, maybe we could tea via instagram? Let’s hashtag #mycopperfoxtea. Boil the kettle.

I look forward to coming away with a full heart!

Next week I have a lovely little surprise lined up for you. You will be having Tea with my wonderful Mum. Her house is beautiful, welcoming and so homely, you won’t be disappointed. I will see you at the end of the month with plenty of stories from our latest travels no doubt.



2 thoughts on “Tea With Me

  1. Have a fantastic holiday Catherine and safe travels. My sister is away on a cruise stopping off in New England. She said it’s amazing xx


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