Tea With Me

Hi again, come in. The kettle is on and so is the heating, it definitely feels like Autumn today. I am having a big old mug of strong tea this afternoon, would you like one too? That delicious smell? It’s my Mums homemade Cinnamon Rolls heating in the oven, you will not want to pass on those, even if you are ‘being good’.

Susanna is playing happily. We got her a kitchen for her birthday and she has barely emerged from it since so we might actually get to have an unbroken conversation. I think we will curl up on the sofa in the sun room today, it feels like we need to be cosy.

Ah where do I even start this week? It has been a bit of an emotional one for me, in a good way. Susanna turned two yesterday. We had a lovely little family day together. I wish you could have seen the look on her face when she came down and saw her kitchen! I knew she would love it. Her day was filled with cake, balloons, presents and an afternoon spent with both sets of Grandparents. It was everything I hoped it would be. This morning they sang Happy Birthday to her at Mums & Tots and she was over the moon. I love that she gets what is going on this year. Her party is at the weekend and we are so excited. Each morning she reminds me who is coming and then asks for a few others too. I have no doubt she would love you to come along, if only my house could hold everyone.

What have you been up to? Did you get outside and enjoy that Autumn sunshine that made a brief but beautiful appearance?

So, let’s chat. I will tell you that self-doubt crept in this week. I really didn’t see it coming. Right in the middle of an ordinary afternoon as I was folding laundry and cutting veg for dinner I started to doubt everything I have poured my heart into lately. Right at the forefront of my mind was this little space of mine where I have allowed myself to be creative again, “is it even any good?! Probably not. Who even wants to read what you have to say anyway?!” you know, those lonely voices that can sound so loud when your confidence wavers. It might have been tiredness, busyness or just a blip but it hit me hard and it took me a while to shake it off. I am still not sure it is completely gone but a morning with friends and some lovely supportive messages have helped me endlessly.

Sorry for the vent, I’m sure as we chat we will find encouragement in each other. In how our creativity is personal and not comparable. I’ll tell you that you are doing a great job and no doubt you will be kind to me too, that’s what I love about these catch ups, they are so good for the soul. Tea can be deep and it can be light and fun, I love that!

In other news, a few lovely girlies have asked about joining in on Tea With Me and I am so excited and so encouraged by this. My ultimate goal is that there will be lots and lots of Tea With Me posts each week that we can all delve into and feel like we are properly catching up with each other. If you would like to join, you are SO welcome!

I’ll ask about your plans for the weekend. If you are cooking anything new because I need some inspiration. We will chat about Dr Foster and how I was not fussed on the ending, why did it get so weird? I’ll tell you that Lauren Diagle has been the soundtrack to our week, that we have had more than our usual amount of kitchen dances, especially before breakfast. Her soothing tones were just what we needed as we busied ourselves getting ready for Susanna’s birthday and our holiday next week.

It’s drawing near to dinner time and my little one has joined us on the sofa, showing signs that we have reached our chatting limit. We will quickly have a natter (is that a word?) about how close we are getting to half term and dare I say it, Christmas?! Lets make some plans to get out and about over the holidays, maybe we can even have a catch up in a coffee shop or somewhere where we can let our little ones get out for a run around while we chat?

And so there we go for another week, a catch up that felt so needed and much too short, but I know we could talk for hours and still feel like we needed more time. Let’s meet up early next week, before I head away on our next adventure. I can’t wait.

  • as always, if you would like to join in click the link below to add your own Tea With Me to the group , I would love you to join us. 



4 thoughts on “Tea With Me

  1. You’d swear you’ve been doing this for years. Chin up and have a bit of confidence in yourself. This is great stuff! Need my tea topped up again though 😉


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