Tea With Me (join here)

It’s coffee again this week, with extra frothy coconut milk and a generous chunk of shortbread brought home from Glasgow. I’d throw my arms around you and squeeze your neck because it is just so nice to have you round.

We will perch at the breakfast bar I think, it’s nap time and the sun is spilling into the kitchen so nicely. Radio 1 is playing quietly in the background, the usual Saturday morning scene in our house.

You will find me in high spirits, feeling well rested and excited for what the next few weeks hold for us.

I will undoubtedly give you a quick rundown of our weekend in Glasgow; how we were up at stupid o’clock and arrived in Edinburgh as the sun rose. How we navigated public transport to make our way into Glasgow and excitedly prepared to surprise my sister.

We would giggle about how a bus full of US Marines were staying in our hotel causing us to act like school girls for just a moment before we caught ourselves on, that uniform though!

Our surprise mission was a total success, my sister was shocked, and totally over the moon. We had the best weekend and I came home feeling exhausted but so delighted that we had made the trip. I would urge you to go too, it is a wonderful city. *I may or may not have slept a solid 18 hours after partying until 3am on Monday morning before catching a 6am flight, I.am.old!

I’ll ask about how your kids are settling in to a new term or if they are sleeping any better for you and we would talk about the hopes and dreams that we have for our children. I’ll tell you that I am excited but also melancholy that Susanna is turning two next week, that even though party planning is one of my favourite things it has taken me until this weekend to arrange anything. We will say our kids are growing too fast and no doubt enter in to the “how many would you like to have” discussion.

We will chat about bedtime routines and how much Susanna is loving hers and we will have a little laugh about how she has started putting in prayer requests after stories, last night it was for “wuwu Jag (her Grandparents dog) and Fee (her friend Sofia)”

After we catch up on what shows we have been watching; The Apprentice, Dr Foster, Bake Off of course and I tell you to start Designated Survivor on Netflix because we are hooked, we will talk about friends and how amazing it is to have good friendships. I’ll tell you that some of our friends are coming to stay this weekend and we are so excited because it has been too long since we have put the kids to bed and had a proper good catch up, just the four of us.

I will tell you about some beautiful clothes I have spotted in town, and how much my back account suffers in Autumn.

I will quote Friends, because I always do.

I will ask about you.

Your family. Your friends. Your work. Your Church.

What is making you excited? What are your plans for the weekend? What are you doing to unwind after a busy week?

I want to hear whats on your heart. Have a tea with me.

*I would love you to join in and make this a little community of tea drinking friends. Add the link to your blog post below to join in on our big virtual cuppa*


2 thoughts on “Tea With Me (join here)

  1. This almost made me cry. Susanna is so flaming edible! Love that her prayer life is flourishing already xx
    Have a great weekend with the Neals!
    LH x


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