Tea With Me

I guess the first thing you should know about me is that the time of day fully dictates whether I am a tea or coffee drinker. My mornings start with a nice mug of fresh *strong* coffee and so coffee with me would, in fact, be a more fitting title for this post but it’s just not as catchy, and, on another day we could be catching up mid-morning (tea) or during nap time (coffee) or in the evening (tea again…or wine!). For now at least, this post, and what I hope will become a regular link with you lovely lot, will be called Tea With Me. Come in, make yourself at home, this has been a long time coming.

I have always been a journaller, it started in my early teens, long before blogging was a thing. There was an online platform called Teen Open Diary which did exactly what it said on the tin. Gosh I cringe to think what the content was, most likely boy trouble, parents being SO unfair, blah blah. As the years went on I started to scribble thoughts in a good old fashioned notebook, there is something so lovely about putting pen to paper, no? Then, along came Instagram, what started as some overly filtered snaps of my daily life which, by the way, would absolutely not make the cut in this new Instagram world, became a place to connect with a community of people that I have genuinely found friendship with, some remain online friends and some have become real life, hang out over a coffee,  friends. I love pictures; I am the annoying family member who will literally study your holiday snaps rather than skimming over them. I love how a picture can take you right back to that moment in time, where you can remember exactly how you felt at that moment and I love journaling, and for me, Instagram became my new online journal, marrying these two loves perfectly. Over the years my Instagram has been about my life as a newlywed and all the adventures that we wanted to have before we started a family, then my journey through pregnancy while self-building our forever home and more recently, my experiences in becoming a mama.

I started to chat regularly to mums from near and far, they became my support network during multiple night feeds, while pacing the floor at 3am with a teething baby, during nap time or when I finally got to sit down at the end of a busy day. I gave and received advice with no holds barred on almost a daily basis. I have completely fallen in love with this little community and it is thanks to you that I finally got the courage to sit down and write my first blog post. To every lady who asked if I had a blog, to the ones who told me to start a blog, and more recently, to the few I have confided in and who have said ‘just go for it’, thank you so much. I want to use this space to document the ordinary every day in its imperfect perfection, for myself, but mostly for Susanna. For her to look back and see what her mama was thinking, I have a sneaky suspicion that much of it will be for her to cringe at in years to come. Hey future Susanna, right now you are pulling on my arms asking if I can come with you to play. So far, only an hour or two in to blogging I have learned that it will be a stop and start process and I am much more likely to get posts written after 7pm but when your almost two year old asks you to play, you just don’t say no.

Anyhow, it is my goal that this ‘Tea With Me’ idea would become a way to connect with you all and for you to connect with each other. I picture these posts being a bit more of a chatty catch up with you, less rambling than this one, just as though you really did call round for a good chin wag over a cuppa. A space where I can tell you what’s been going on with me and you can fill me in on your days. Maybe it will be a weekly thing, maybe more or less often, I really don’t know. I will add a link for you to join in too because I would love to hear what’s on your heart. If this is something you would like to be a part of, please do leave me a little comment.

For today, I am finding my brave, I am putting myself out there and I am hoping that you call in from time to time.

Chat soon,


9 thoughts on “Tea With Me

  1. Love it Catherine! I love reading blogs & think it’s a great way to connect with people. As a Mum too I’ve learned a lot reading some blogs & gained some advice re different parenting issues, just by reading them. I think you’ve done a great job with your first blog…be encouraged! Xx


  2. Love it Catherine, so proud of you!! Looking forward to all your posts which I don’t doubt will be amazing!!
    Love u my second fave ginge…Susanna knocked u off the number one spot 😘😘!


  3. Hey Catherine, came across your blog and its great, looking forward to many more. Good luck with it all, I’ll just sit back and continue to envy your perfect photos!


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